Tablet PCs Reviews – The Best Mobile Computers (Tablet, Convertible and Hybrid)

Mobile computing has been a hot topic lately with so many advances in chip architecture and power efficiency. Laptops have long been the standard for mobile users, but there is another form factor type that has been on the market for some time that deserves a little more recognition. Sometimes a laptop can be unwieldy and awkward to handle. In situations where opening up a laptop isn’t an option, tablet PCs get the job done in a much more inconspicuous way.The term tablet PCs is a general description for any mobile computer that is designed to be controlled with your fingers or a pen device that is touched directly to the screen surface. There are a few different styles of tablet PCs; some of which have keyboards and others not, both having their own strengths and weaknesses.·Convertible tablet PCs
Offers the flexibility of a full keyboard
Screen rotates 180 degrees and lays flat against keyboard for tablet PC operation
Rotating screen connection tends to be very weak and easy to break
·Slate tablet PCs
Has no attached keyboard
External keyboard can be attached via Bluetooth or USB
Very thin and light compared to other styles
·Hybrid tablet PCs
Offers flexibility of a full keyboard
Screen detaches from keyboard and/or slides away
More sturdy than convertible screen attachment
Most major manufacturers offer some version of the tablet PC form factor. Gateway, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, ASUS and Sony all have very competitive products to offer.Here are two examples of popular tablet PCs that do their job very nicely:Lenovo Thinkpad X61CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo L7500o Display Size (inches): 12.1
o Wide Screen: No
o Total HD Size (GB): 120
o Min. Weight (lbs.): 4.0
o Price (at time of review): $1800This convertible style model is a great choice for business people who are finding themselves in need of computing power on the fly. Equipped with 2 GB RAM and the always necessary built in Wi-Fi card, this machine will handle document review/creation, data processing as well as VoIP calls very efficientlySony VAIO VGN-UX390NCPU: Intel Core 2 Solo U2200o Display Size (inches): 4.5
o Wide Screen: Yes
o Total HD Size (GB): 32
o Min. Weight (lbs.): 1.0
o Price (at time of review): $2200Truly a genius invention, this tablet is considered a hybrid and is one of the most powerful machines you will find for its size. Fitting comfortably into your hands, it offers a slide up screen that reveals a full qwerty keyboard. Supplied with a stylus, this tablet PC gives you full computer access that almost fits in your pocket. 1 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and a cell phone SIM card slot mean you can take it almost anywhere and have access to your data.Because of their inherent small chassis and light weight design, tablet PCs can be expected to offer performance more or less on par with ultraportable models. Don’t think you will be able to do video processing or run any killer apps on these machines, but if what you are looking for is sleek, discrete access to your computer, tablet PCs might just be your match.

iPad Turns Out to Be Big Business in Mobile Computing

Yes, iPads are cool, hip, and awesome little personal tech toys – carrying one and using one shows you have class, style, and intelligence. Yeah! But there is more to this game, much more, you see iPad isn’t just for the techno-savvy teens and Xers, no, now it’s big business, some of the biggest in industry in fact.There was an interesting article recently which I believe accents my points here, it was published in the Wall Street Journal on December 9, 2010 and titled; “iPads are the Latest Tool in Medical Sales,” by Jon Kamp and Roger Cheng. The article explains how large medical companies like Abbott, Medtronic, and Boston-Scientific are making excellent use of these devices with their sales forces in the field; and why not.Now then, I’d like to make an observation here, perhaps to get you to think on this. First, iPad came out first and got a jump on the competition. People on the go, and on the move need state-of-the-art mobile computing technology, thus, these road warriors were amongst the early adopters. And being somewhat tech savvy they also demanded apps to fit their needs. Since large corporations are into efficiency they immediately noticed this too.So, the corporations got them for the sales forces, and the apps have been non-stop in the market place, making everything much easier for the mobile work teams. Okay so, there are now many other imitations, knock-offs, and array of other choices, but Apple was first, and has put together an abundance of apps. Thus, for those who are really on the go, Apple’s lead and loyal following gives them the clear edge still.And even if in the future, it’s not the “Best” technology, it has first to market, or first mover advantage, which is a big deal in personal tech, plus it has a tremendous brand loyalty which is growing every day, and supported by Apple Stores in the brick-and-mortar retail space as well. The iPad was a definite game changer, and Apple must continue to innovate, meanwhile corporations and small businesses continue to make it the brand of choice. Please consider all this.